Created by Justin Harter, CITYSTICKS is a New York City based ice pop company focused on creating flavor combinations that craft a healthier, well-balanced "frozen drink on a stick". Embodying this Popsicle slogan, CITYSTICKS reinvents ice pop classics into modern day delights: "ice pops with personalities".

Justin Harter has worked in the service industry for over ten years within established brands such a Soho House, il Buco, Caracas Arepa Bar, Mission Cantina & Riverpark, A Tom Colicchio restaurant. He acquired various techniques behind the bar, skills he uses to create one-of-a-kind infusions and syrups to craft each CITYSTICKS flavors. Justin has a knack for understanding people. He is a lover of music and has a passion for arts. He is a thought explorer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Fordham University. 


the "aha" moment

One day in 2011, while passing out ice pops for an event, Justin saw how happy people became upon receiving the frozen treat; it was that feeling that reminded him why he worked in the service industry. But why not experience that same feeling every day, he thought. It was then that the idea of opening up an ice pop stand began. The project started to become reality upon visiting Rockaway Beach one hot summer day… 


our mission

to provide a healthier, refreshing alternative to many frozen treats. 

to foster creativity in others.

to educate and make a difference. 

our mission in practice:

In 2015, CITYSTICKS obtained legal permission from the federal government to use the word 'HEALTHIER' on its packaging for 4 out of 5 flavors!!